A School Assembly that’s High Energy and Award-Winning! — MUSICMANIA!

  • This fun & high-energy school assembly focuses on just about every aspect of music you can fit into an assembly!

    Utilizing his highly-participatory concert-format, David Jack’s school assembly program introduces the kids to different styles of music, briefly discusses music history (in a fun and enlightening way) and demonstrates to the assembly audience how these sometime “unfamiliar” styles directly relate to the “kids of today.”

    David also sprinkles the program with music terminology, a generous helping of humor and injects his audiences with an energetic encouragement which will bring out their own creative juices long after the curtain goes down! “David’s elementary assemblies are worthwhile, creative teaching vehicles cleverly disguised as “super-fun” shows!” David has presented  school assemblies in PA and school assemblies in NJ nd NY. Cultural Enrichment Programs are custom tailored to grades k-2 & 3-5.


About The Author

David Jack

David Jack is an award-winning children's recording artist who brings originality, humor and a refreshingly hip musical energy to his audiences nationwide. He has been identified as one of the leading presenters of elementary school assemblies in the nation. His memorable school assembly programs are legendary for entertaining and educating kids worldwide.