Holiday School Assembly Show Ideas!

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    There are so many assemblies available for elementary school holiday shows, but the David Jack assembly entitled CHRISTMAHANUKWANZAMADAN is one of the only school assemblies in the marketplace to speak to several different ethnic groups and several different religions in a fun, participation packed sing-along program.  The show features holidays such as Christmas, Hanukah, Kwanzaa and Ramadan and not only includes fun singalong songs from each holiday, but also focuses on interesting facts about the holidays that the kids might find worth remembering.  For example, of course everyone knows what holiday the song JINGLE bells was written for…right?  WRONG!!  It was NOT written for Christmas!  Jingle Bells written in the year 1896 was originally entitled One Horse Open Slieigh and was written to commemorate THANKSGIVING — not Christmas.  So its just little fun facts like that that make this program especially memorable and fun for the kids in your elementary school assembly.  Check it out and book it before all of the dates are GONE!  You can find us online at


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David Jack is an award-winning children's recording artist who brings originality, humor and a refreshingly hip musical energy to his audiences nationwide. He has been identified as one of the leading presenters of elementary school assemblies in the nation. His memorable school assembly programs are legendary for entertaining and educating kids worldwide.