The Best Anti Bullying Assembly: “Stand Up, Step In!”

  • Bullying Show Outline

    Utilizing massive amounts of audience participation, David Jack will take your kids through a multi-media spectacular show which includes music, movement, virtual characters, dance, interactive game shows and a generous helping of FUN!

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    In an effort to bring to light the problems facing millions of elementary school kids, we’re introducing our latest, greatest show: No Bullying:  “Stand Up — Step In!”

    Using humor and participation David and his high-tech virtual character friend Cozmo, entertain and engage your kids and teach them how to identify the players in a bullying episode and more importantly how they should deal with it.  They will learn how to recognize situations where bullying will likely occur and how to best avoid those situations.

    This unique show is like nothing you’ve ever seen before and it is available NOW!

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    Educators love this school assembly!

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About The Author

David Jack

David Jack is an award-winning children's recording artist who brings originality, humor and a refreshingly hip musical energy to his audiences nationwide. He has been identified as one of the leading presenters of elementary school assemblies in the nation. His memorable school assembly programs are legendary for entertaining and educating kids worldwide.

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